It took a while for the Philly Special to make its way to Madden. The defining play of Kansas City’s Super Bowl LIV victory will show up a lot sooner.

The constantly-upgrading Madden 20 game will include, in an upcoming update, a new play for the Chiefs’ playbook: Jet Chip Wasp.

EA announced the new play on its Twitter account Friday, after receiver Tyreek Hill (who caught the 44-yard game-changing pass) asked for it.

Peter King broke the play down thoroughly in his Super Bowl Monday Football Morning in America column. An NFL Films video released later in the week confirmed that quarterback Patrick Mahomes suggested the play, and showed how the Chiefs were able to execute it — thanks to Mahomes’ arm and Hill’s legs.

Madden continues to be the exclusively-licensed NFL/NFLPA video game. Patrick Mahomes is on the cover of this year’s version; the outcome of the season presumably blows the Madden Curse concept out of the water, for good.


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